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Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery

If you want to lose 25 pounds or more, you can with Linda Hay’s “Gastric Band Surgery Program Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss”. 

This 10 week program is an alternative to Gastric Band Surgery. 

What is Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery Using Hypnosis?

Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery is a virtual surgical procedure done through hypnosis using your subconscious mind to place a band around the upper portion of your stomach. This procedure changes your eating habits and helps you feel full more quickly thus requiring less food. This unique gastric banding program helps you understand why you overeat and identify the emotions connected to overeating like anxiety, boredom, comfort, loneliness, or whatever the trigger might be.

What is the Program?

The 8-week comprehensive program incorporates life style changes, exercise, nutritional coaching, and changing unwanted habits enabling you to release those unwanted pounds and break free of your old habits.

How do I start?

Take the challenge and book this 8 week program and start releasing those unwanted pounds now. Not only will your health improve but also your self-esteem, confidence, and how you view yourself and your world.

How Much Is It?

There is a weekly session of 2 hours and includes a personalized 30 minute MP3 of each session and a personal workbook. Linda Hay is licensed in Canada as a “Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery Practitioner for weight control.

What Do Linda’s Clients Say?

My name is Kathy.  I have just completed Linda’s 8-week virtual gastric band program and am so excited to continue my journey!  I have struggled to lose weight all my adult life.  I have tried many expensive medical and fitness programs and was successful at first but always gained the weight back.  This time is different.  This is the only program that I have participated in that has helped me to work on emotional barriers to healthy eating habits.  I look forward to every session and the optimism that Linda infuses in me each week. The positive affirmations and messages now embedded in my subconscious help me keep on track and give me the confidence that I can stay on track.  This is more than a gastric banding program, it is life enhancing.  I am so grateful that Linda continues to help people improve their health and that she has touched me in such a positive way.

More About Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery

An exceptional and sophisticated weight management program directed to the subconscious mind for you to automatically and subconsciously, effortlessly and pleasantly create and control healthy eating habits.

It is personally unique as each client brings to the program individual needs, causes, reasons and triggers for improper eating habits. Therefore, each session is specifically designed to address all that you bring to us consciously and subconsciously.

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